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IR my camera Coming soon. Send a message with your request for conversion with camera model and we will get back to you.


Currently only available in Singapore through direct sales on carousell. Carousell Store   If you are interested in print outs of our work you can contact us at irurworld@gmail.com


Some basic guides to get you started on your infrared journey:   What is Infrared Photography? The classic way of taking IR How to set your white balance

Begin your infrared photography journey with these basic guides

Infrared filter comparisons

The below comparisons were done with the camera on a tripod, all taken in as much full sunlight as possible. Filters used were all from Zomei, except for the one […]


My father lives in a little quiet village about 45mins outside of Kassel, Germany. I visit him there about every two years. Since there is really nothing much there other […]


Angkor Wat, an amazing place to take photos, however with so many thousands of tourists visiting the place the usual photography perspective is kind of ruined now as there isn’t […]

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We are driven by our love for photography in any form. However, this site is specifically aimed at the world of infrared photography, which gives a whole new perspective to the world and its people. We would like this site to be a place of learning, with hope to share this world of photography with other enthusiastic photographers.